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Those who hate WANTOK System have anti-human Spirits

Those who hate WANTOK System have anti-human Spirits, because when you know your wantoks, you know who you are in this lifetime. Consequently you know what to do with your existence and your presence, in your contextual time and space.

Human beings outside Wantok System will always try to find out something outside their own soul and their own spirit, and when they do not find it, they will always others as resources, not humans, to make use to fulfil their dreams and destiny.

“Wantok System” is the living system put in place of humanity by Creator. Nobody invented or pioneered it. It is within the breath and blood of everything and everyone. Spirits, plants, animals, mater, seen and unseen, felt and unfelt, touched and untouched, on the sky, under the earth, on the ground, all are operating with their own respective “Wantok System”. None of them is operating outside their destined Wantok System. If that happens, then their own existence become questionable and finally threatened.

Other systems are human made, and these human-made systems , created to fulfill human desires, wills, and I am sorry to say this, but human lust is the centre of all.

The focus of human made system is to serve the “ego” of the “me” and “us”. It is founded on the lust for MONEY and POWER! Both driven by the lust for biological fulfilment. When money and power controls, human values degraded into human resources to utilize for money and power, in serving the ego, and sadly, only in serving the “ego” of minority over majority.

This has put human beings as resources, not as Wantoks, created in the image of the Creator.

The source of anti-wantok system is the source of anti-humanity. Those who live humanity loves themselves. Those who love themselves love their wantoks. Those who love their wantoks will love the system in which they live and operate. In other words, those who are anti-wantok system means they are not thinking in a way human beings should be thinking.

Why anti Wantok System?

Most people who hate wantok system say that Wantok System destroys democracy. They say that Wantok System undermines work ethics and merits. Consequently, Wantok System destroys the work ethics and productivity in modern organisations of businesses, NGOs and government institutions.

I want to tell you openly and honestly, that Wantok System is not intended to run within governments, NGOs and businesses. It is a system that has nothing to do with modern institutions. It has Creator-made system to run lives on daily basis.

So those who speak against Wantok System must realize that they are trying to use a program and system that is creator made and put it into human made system. Apple Computers have some programmes that are incompatible with Windows Programme, so anyone trying to install Windos programmes into Apple Products must know how to do it. Otherwise, he will blame one or the other as wrong.

What is Wantok System For?

Wantok System isgood for running live, not running government, running NGOs, and not running businesses.

However, Wantok System can be adopted into modern organisations and institutions only when we treat those bodies with the paradigm and culture that treat each individual inside it as human beings, created by a Creator in His own image, not just resources to utilize to generate capitals in form of money.

The Choice is Yours!

Bring the spirit of humanity and love to the centre of life that we have in this Earth, once and forever. Treat other humans with love and care, not as resources to utilize for your own gains. Surely, avoid treating other fellow humans as resources to gain money and power.

Life was created to look after and take care for each other, within Wantok System. That is what human beings have achieved that distinguish us from animals. Hating Wantok System is an indication that that spirit of being human is non-existent.

Surely, I want to be respected and treated as humans. And I will do my best to treat others as my fellow human beings, not as resources for my own gains and reigns.

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