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The Melanesian Way By Bernard Narokobi

Melanesian Voice is conceived as a forum for reflection on world and domestic events from the standpoint of Melanesians.
Melanesians managed to live on these islands for thousands of years before Europeans came into contact with them.
It is assumed therefore that Melanesians have had a civilization with its cultures, values, knowledge and wisdoms which have guided them through the ages. These are their revealed truths.
Our history did not begin with contact with the Western explorers.
Our civilization did not start with the coming of the Christian missionaries. Because we have an ancient civilization is important for us to give proper dignity and place to our history. We can only be ourselves if we accept who we are rather than denying our autonomy.
Our history did not have the binding effect of the written word. It did not have the wheel to travel distances and it did not have the naked power of the barrel of the gun. Accordingly, our influence was limited. Still, it was a lasting human experience.

But today, we have the gift of the written word and the privilege of the wheel. We can reflect on our ancient past and the modern life. We can have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world to bring to the world the treasures of our civilization. For far too long we have known ourselves through books written by others.

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